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$10,000 donated to CINIM for business strategy

The Trico Foundation has generously granted CINIM $10,000 towards developing a strategy to deploy the LEAP Project (January 2013).

$15,000 donated to CINIM to buy new server

In December, 2013 an anonymous donor has kindly donated $15,000 to CINIM to purchase a new server to support CINIM’s technology needs.

CINIM completes the LEAP Project Pilot Study

In September 2012, pilot testing of the LEAP Project was completed. CINIM is now working to secure funding to make the program available to all youth in Canada. This online resilience-building program was developed by CINIM in collaboration with Alberta Health Services, University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, as well as, with input from over 100 young volunteers. Click below to find out how you can help make the LEAP Project available.
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$6,850 donated to CINIM for LEAP Project incentive program

Recently, Viewpoint Charitable Foundation generously donated $6,850 towards the incentive program for the LEAP Project. The incentive program allows CINIM to reward participants for all of the time and hard work they contribute to the project.

CINIM Awarded $48, 800 for Breast Cancer Project

In November of 2010, CINIM successfully competed for a grant from the Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation. The $48,800 grant will help fund CINIM’s breast cancer project, “A blood based diagnostic assay for breast cancer”.

CINIM receives $45,742 grant from the Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation

In July, 2010, CINIM was offered a grant of $45,742 from the Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation. This award will help to fund CINIM’s Asthma Study, a clinical trial investigating the use of nutritional supplements as complementary treatment for childhood Asthma.

CINIM awarded $98,668 from the Alberta Centre for Child, Family, and Community Research (ACCFCR)

In June of 2010, CINIM was awarded a two-year, Investigator-Driven grant from ACCFCR. The sum of $98,668 will go towards funding CINIM’s LEAP Project, an online treatment program for depressed adolescents.

Leap Project research team reaches out to teens with depression

Unique clinical trial offers new option for 13 – 18 year olds
(Calgary, AB) When Nayely Trujillo was 14 years old, her whole world changed. The great-grandmother who helped to raise her passed away suddenly, and she was left struggling to make it through her days. “I was thinking some terrible thoughts, and it seemed like there was no way out,” says Trujillo, now 18 years old. “I thought how I was feeling wasn’t normal, and I was ashamed to admit that I was depressed.”



A school counselor noticed Trujillo’s struggles and reached out to help. Over the next year, she worked her way out of her depression, attending counseling and joining a youth group at church. These days, she is earning a biology degree at Ambrose University and volunteering for a new program aimed at helping teens who are depressed.



The Leap Project, an initiative funded by Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions and the Sick Kids Foundation, is an intervention program for 13 – 18 year old teens. An online learning tool, it focuses on exploring spiritual concepts and features videos, personal stories from young people, suggestions from mental health experts, music, relaxation techniques and book ideas. All eight of the modules in the two-month program have been designed in consultation with teenagers.

Doctors from Vancouver and Calgary Awarded World’s Largest Prize for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Vancouver, BC (September 25, 2009): Two practitioners recognized as “agents of change” in the revolutionary movement toward an integrative approach to clinical medical practice have split the $250,000 Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary & Alternative Medicine for 2009.


Dr. Rickhi was described as throwing away a promising psychiatric career in the late 1980’s when he trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic, Japanese and Tibetan medicine. He established the Research Centre for Alternative Medicine, now the Canadian Institute for Natural and Integrative Medicine (CINIM), and played a key role in establishing the Integrative Health Institute at Mount Royal College. Dr. Rickhi has been very successful in alleviating depression with his integrative approach and most recently has focused on teen depression.