From the intensive development process undertaken for our programs through to our large-scale social engagement, we have gained a unique understanding of the issues faced by those we help. This knowledge is shared though the translation of research, evidence and data into usable tools that help to simplify lives.

CINIM is the longest surviving integrative health institute in Canada dedicated solely to integrative wellness. We are firmly established as experts in the field of integrative health with recognition at national and international level which further reinforces our credibility. We have a proven track record of product and service development and delivery. Our programs are award-winning, revolutionary and successful with appropriate delivery systems which make them accessible for their target demographic.
CINIM offers an opportunity to provide measureable, sustainable impact in individuals and communities through socially responsible investment. We encourage individuals, academic institutions, corporate organizations and all concerned parties to explore with us ways in which we can work together to advance our community. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to co-create programs which empower communities and contribute to the overall wellness of our society. Our programs demonstrate efficacy and are proven to be making a positive change. We invite you to make that change with us.

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Biofield Science and Healing Conference

Interview with Dr. Badri Rickhi

Dr. Badri Rickhi was honored to be a part of a very inspiring conference sponsored by the Miraglo Foundation, Samueli Institute, Chopra Foundation and the Institute of Noetic Sciences held in Pacific Pearl La Jolla, California. This conference brought together leading scientists in interdisciplinary fields of study to discuss current knowledge of consciousness and healing. A multitude of publications will be released in due course which highlight the scientific findings. This video was filmed at the conference.

Is Self Regulation the first step to Human Competency?

Presentation by Dr. Allan Donsky

Dr. Allan Donsky presents his thoughts on self regulation as part of the Concurrent Disorders Learning Series video release on behalf of the AMH Professional Development and Concurrent Capability team (Alberta Health Services).

The Curious Mind Series

A six-part series featuring Dr. Badri Rickhi of CINIM.

1. Dreams and Visions Before Death

In the days leading up to death, the thoughts of the dying can be passed off as delusional, when they can actually be a true healing experience. This video discusses the importance of listening to people as they face death.

2. Distractions: How Distractions Affect Our Choices

Distractions such as texting and talking on the phone can affect our ability to make good choices and be safe and healthy.

3. Moral Licensing: How We Get Ourselves Into Trouble

A look at why people do things that seem out of character.

4. Food: Behaviour is Affected by Food Choices

How blood sugar levels affect our choices and how we deceive ourselves when it comes to food.

5. Memory and Fear: How We Forget in Order to Remember

A revealing glimpse into how our memory works, why we have fears, and the importance of confronting those fears.

6. Techniques: Some Quick Tips to Deal with Our Mind

Some simple and easy techniques that help people make good decisions and stay healthy.

Articles and abstracts published in Peer Reviewed Journals.


BreathingRoom™ (formerly the Leap Project) – Online Youth Resilience Tool

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Audio CDs are intended for home and personal use.


Progressive Relaxation

Dr. Rickhi explains how relaxation contributes to overall body wellness and healing.


Confronting a Crisis

Dr. Rickhi takes you through analogies and a range of emotions to help transform fixed intellectual thought into a gut understanding.


A Workshop in Spirituality with Dr. Badri Rickhi

Dr. Rickhi teaches you to make positive changes in your life by making a commitment to, and practicing, spirituality. In this workshop, spirituality refers to the energy in our lives and how we manage this.

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