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Alberta’s Promise

August 2, 2017

CINIM is very excited to announce our newest partnership with Alberta’s Promise! Adopting the Alberta’s Promise shows CINIM’s commitment to build resilience in Alberta’s youth. This partnership will help CINIM connect with other organizations and potential donors to help us with our vision of building stronger, healthier communities. CINIM believes that collaboration and working together […]

Classy Award Finalist

March 22, 2017

We have some exciting news to share. Our program BreathingRoom™ has been named a Classy Awards Finalist. CINIM was nominated with our BreathingRoom program as one of the 100 most innovative nonprofits and social enterprises of 2017! Our program went through a rigorous and intensive application process and was judged using stringent criteria. Our program, […]


March 6, 2017

We are very proud to have CINIM involved with helping expand the SHINE project. The following comments were from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences: “Recently, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences profiled SHINE India, which is set to take off shortly when PhD candidate Anise Gold-Watts begins the formative research phase. We are so […]

Feeling down? There’s an app for that

January 16, 2017

CINIM was recently featured on CTV news for their BreathingRoom app. This segment features how Mount Royal University is utilizing it for their students and how the myth of “Blue Monday” helps bring awareness to mental health. Click Here to see the story.

The embodied mind: A review on functional genomic and neurological correlates of mind-body therapies

December 20, 2016

Dr. Badri Rickhi had been involved in writing a review article for the Neuroscience and Biobehavior Reviews. This article is a review on functional genomic and neurological correlates of mind-body therapies. “A broad range of mind-body therapies (MBTs) are used by the public today, and a growing body of clinical and basic sciences research has […]

From Muddy Water to Blue Skies Using BreathingRoom

November 1, 2016

Mount Royal University has included BreathingRoom in their article (Page 16,17) in the Communiqué journal for CACUSS (Canadian Association of College and University Student Services) Student Affairs and Services Competency Model. Mount Royal University talks about how mental health programs like BreathingRoom are much needed in universities. To see the article Click Here.

Seven Dimensions of Wellness

June 13, 2016

Dr. Rickhi was recently featured in an Alive Magazine article touching on the different areas of wellness. The article offers some great health tips and suggestions. What does “wellness” mean to you? Physical wellness? Emotional wellness? To truly experience health from a holistic perspective, you must incorporate seven dimensions of wellness into your life. Find […]

Stress-Free and Happier

February 13, 2016

CINIM’s Dr. Badri Rickhi and Dr. Allan Donsky discuss how to manage stress by renovating our relationship with ourselves and others, so that we can love more and be loved even more. Click here to read the full article.

Human Curriculum™

January 27, 2016

Dr. Allan Donsky, pediatrician and child and adolescent psychiatrist, has a vision for a Human Curriculum™: “We’ve got a curriculum for everything else – math and writing and reading. How about a human curriculum? What it means to be human. To engage your heart and mind and spirit.” For more information read the full article […]

Biofield Science and Healing Conference

November 5, 2015

Dr. Badri Rickhi was honored to be a part of a very inspiring conference sponsored by the Miraglo Foundation, Samueli Institute, Chopra Foundation and the Institute of Noetic Sciences held in Pacific Pearl La Jolla, California. This conference brought together leading scientists in interdisciplinary fields of study to discuss current knowledge of consciousness and healing. […]