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At CINIM, we simplify lives by creating and delivering proven, reliable, high-quality programs that give people ways to cope with everyday challenges and improve their quality of life. We can help you and your community build strength and confidence.

You’ll find our programs are:

  • Safe, effective and reliable
  • Complementary to other treatments
  • Based on research, community need and user feedback
  • Created with insight from health-care professionals, educators, researchers and, most importantly, community members
  • Thoroughly tested to ensure effectiveness and relatability.

CINIM’s programs also include international learning exchanges, community engagement projects, extensive corporate and academic consultation and support, and widespread charitable endeavours.

Through this revolutionary and successful online program, youth (13 to 24) learn ways to manage stress, depression and anxiety; and strengthen their coping strategies. Available 24/7, BreathingRoom complements conventional mental health treatment and school curricula. The program is one of the few evidence-based, e-health tools in the world, and the first for Canada. BreathingRoom uses relatable activities and stories for youth to build the core skills they need to take control of their lives.


  • Proven to reduce mild to moderate symptoms of depression
  • Awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Circle on Mental Health and Addiction, True Imagination Award 2014.
  • CINIM plans to make the program widely available with a particular focus on remote communities.


“The program had a tremendous impact on my life. It allowed me to focus on myself and how I feel about situations without the pressures of life. No longer was my life based on how others viewed me but instead how I related to myself and my goals and priorities… I learned to deal with my depression in a better way”.


“I’m not going to lie and say that all of it [the depression] is 100% gone, because it’s definitely not. I mean, it’s a process. No one is ever fully happy. And, part of being happy is accepting that… I feel guilty when I’m depressed, but then I realize, you know, it’s not my fault, no one is ever fully happy. It’s a good realization to have.”


“I liked ‘Discovering Your Purpose’…moving away from feelings of emptiness and towards feelings of passion.”


The BreathingRoom™ app is available on Google Play and at the App Store or visit the dedicated website to learn more about the program.

Developed with the generous support of our donors

CINIM aims to strengthen the competencies of people, and by extension our communities, in particular within developing societies. Our intention is to help those in need to overcome the causes of adversity. We have developed various channels which facilitate this contribution and offer a unique opportunity for measureable impact through social investment.

International Learning Exchange

CINIM is leading the coordination of international exchange programs in medicine, research and education. Our objective is to encourage collaboration between medical and academic centres around the globe to share knowledge, expertise and experiences which aid and ultimately develop communities in need.


The University of Calgary, Department of Global Health and International Partnerships, Canada

The University of Calgary’s Department of Global Health and International Partnerships provides global health education, capacity building and research capabilities for the Cumming School of Medicine. The Department provides leadership, funding and support for international student and faculty exchanges, strengthens research capacity in low and middle-income countries through the development of new research opportunities and supports global health research and evaluation.

“We look forward to the partnership between the University of Calgary faculty and students and our counterparts at the Medical and Research Centre, Nursing School and educational institutions of the Peedam Project as we explore opportunities for collaboration in both medical and educational areas.”

Dr. Jennifer Hatfield
Associate Dean, Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement
University of Calgary

The Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre, India

The Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre (SNH&RC), located in southern India – provides free or heavily subsidized, world-class medical services to those with limited financial resources. Their community outreach program also delivers medical, dental and optical care and information to those unable to seek treatment. SNH&RC enables people from the local area to pursue a career in medicine providing the rural population with the opportunity to gain medical qualifications and move back into the communities to set up satellite medical clinics.

“I am delighted to be affiliated with the University of Calgary. The shared value of human capacity building is central to both institutions and I look forward to the mutual exchange of our students and faculty.”

Dr. Balaji Nandagopal
Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre and Campus

If your educational institution is interested in supporting or participating in an International Learning Exchange, please contact us

Integrative Social Investment

SNH&RC is part of the comprehensive Sri Narayani Peedam (Peedam Project) – a predominantly philanthropic community dedicated to providing charitable and humanitarian care to the benefit of millions of people in the areas of health, education, employment, environmental conservation as well as offering spiritual guidance.

CINIM supports this wholly integrative approach and is heavily involved with the Project facilitating various ventures, including the current learning exchange program, which supports its growth and expansion.

To find out how you can get involved

CINIM is a centre which enables you – our community, locally and internationally – to support, contribute and influence change. We value our engagement with the community and consider your collaboration and feedback as essential to our work.

CINIM Conversations are lively group sessions that allow us to gather insights into individual and community needs, concerns and problems. By joining our CINIM Conversations, you can explore with us life’s common struggles and gain fresh insights that will help us to create our future mental wellness programs.

To join a future CINIM Conversation

The workplace is a vital component of life where the majority of our time is spent. It is therefore natural that this area would be a focus for CINIM and a further extension of our work.

CINIM helps organizations tackle complex workplace wellness issues through expert guidance and custom programs. We help businesses and business leaders cope with and resolve fundamental work-related issues including conflict resolution and culture change and advise on productivity enhancements.

We also provide expertise to the media, academic and research organizations and to a variety of international advisory panels.

To address workplace wellness in your organization

CINIM provides academic consultation at provincial and national levels as well as internationally.


Advisory Committee, Integrative Health Institute at Mount Royal College Faculty of Health and Community Studies, Mount Royal College.

2005 – 2012

Calgary Health and Wellness Strategy Task Force Advisor

2004 – 2009

Academic Conference; Harvard, University of San Francisco, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, CINIM

2004 – 2006

Address to Alberta Medical Association re: Integrative Medicine



External Evaluator for promotion, Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Western Ontario


Panel Member for Grant Applications: Sick Kids Foundation, Toronto, Ontario


Appointed Member, Advisory Group on Complementary and Alternative Health Care, Health Canada.

1999 – 2002

Meeting of College of Physicians & Surgeons – all provinces present to discuss Integrative Medicine.


Academic program evaluation and training for The Acupuncture Foundation of Canada, Toronto.



Present Technical Expert Member for Evidence Report on the Effectiveness of Meditation in Healthcare, requested and funded by the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), NIH. The report was used to inform the NCCAM research agenda.


Medical Advisory Board, Indigo Elite Care, Chicago

2005 – 2004

Present Journal Reviewer: Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine


Distinguished Lecture Series: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Newark, New Jersey, USA


Evaluation team member for the Schneider’s Children’s Hospital in Israel.


Bravewell Fellowship Committee: Advisory Committee member (only Canadian representative) to develop a blueprint for implementation of integrative healthcare clinics in conventional settings.

2004 –2005

Advisor, to create Integrative Medicine Program, Union of South Africa Medical Association for Integrative Medicine

We are always interested in academic contributions