A sincere thank you to all our donors and supporters. Without your generosity, CINIM would not be making a difference in so many lives.

Thank you to our generous donors.

  • Allan Markin
  • Bathory Associates Architecture & Interior Design
  • Laurie, Mark (Photography)
  • Microsoft 
  • Nexicon Software Ltd.
  • Sky of Dreams Aviation Trust
  • Viewpoint Charitable Foundation

Our work would not be possible without our project partners who provide us with a direct link to those we serve. This gives us first-hand information on needs, opportunities and solutions and how to make our programs relatable. They reduce our need to sell programs as we are able to co-create them and maintain ownership. They allow us to empower communities and translate knowledge.

A special thank you to our valued community partners.

  • Groups and individuals who participate in CINIM Conversations
  • Youth Volunteers and Artists who donated time and materials to the BreathingRoom program
  • Matt Palmer
  • FeelGood Calgary – Ashton Michael
  • Motivated by Nature – Susanne Heaton